Medallion Healthy Homes

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The Medallion Solution

The Medallion Solution

Throughout the United States and Canada people are using the proven proprietary Medallion Healthy Homes Methodology system developed by SCO Technologies Medallion Healthy Homes to destroy odors, allergens, mold and many other microbial and toxic contaminants in the growing problems of indoor air pollution.

Health experts estimate that 35 million Americans suffer from symptoms that are allergic reactions to airborne allergens. The unique Methodology used by a Medallion Healthy Homes service company provides a more healthy and cost effective solution to correct the indoor environment in homes, apartments, offices, RV's, boats, vehicles, meeting rooms, hospitals, day care centers and numerous other areas by using proprietary SCO Technologies Medallion Healthy Homes clean ozone generators.

These proprietary ozone generators produce high levels of clean ozone (by Ultra Violet lamp production) to sanitize the indoor air, thereby destroying odors, allergens, viruses, bacteria, molds and many other airborne irritants.

The specialized Ultra Violet lamp clean ozone equipment manufactured by SCO Technologies Medallion Healthy Homes is the ONLY ozone equipment used by Medallion Healthy Homes service companies, ensuring their customers will return to a cleaner indoor environment.

It is unfortunate that the most commonly used ozone generators produce ozone with a corona discharge. In turn, the use of this type of ozone generator produces a very toxic and harmful by-product called nitric oxide which adds to the indoor contamination and the degradation of materials. In essence, corona discharge ozone generators are, in reality, toxic generators and harmful to your health and well-being.

Everyone Deserves to Live in a Healthy Indoor Environment

If you are fortunate enough to have a Medallion Healthy Homes Methodology service company in your area, then you have a "house doctor" on call. They will conduct a "house call" to determine what problems may exist in your indoor environment that may be contributing to health problems, then have the "medicine" you need to make a sick (contaminated) home (or apartment, office, etc.) well again.

Most Certified Medallion Healthy Homes Methodology technicians are also Certified Mold Residential Inspectors (CRMI). They have been trained to follow the proper industry standards and guidelines established by American Indoor Air Quality (AmIAQ,) Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO) for sample collection. Any samples taken are then sent to a fully accredited laboratory specializing in the analysis of mold, bacteria, allergens and chemicals.

The Nose Knows . . . if odors, allergens, viruses, bacteria or any other airborne irritants are your problem . . . the Medallion Healthy Homes Methodology service technician has the solution to eliminate them. It takes high levels of ozone to be effective against microbial contaminants, which is why this type of service will only be performed by trained technicians, following the proper safety protocols. No people, pets or plants may be present during the ozone treatment process. After a minimum of 4-5 hours (or more, depending on the severity of the indoor pollution) you will return to a clean, freshly restored healthy indoor environment.

If your indoor space requires an air purification (sanitization) treatment, the Medallion Healthy Homes Methodology service technician will use an average of 10 ozone generators and 4-6 purging fans, strategically placed. The reason for this is because unless the ozone levels reach high enough concentrations, it will not work effectively against odor and allergen causing microorganisms, therefore ONE generator would not be nearly enough for the ozone to reach effective levels throughout the living space.

It is important to have a company trained in ozone safety, taking care to monitor the levels during and after treatments, to ensure the ozone has returned to a safe level (0.05ppm or less), using an ozone monitor, for a safe re-entry.