Medallion Healthy Homes

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 Our Super-Charged Oxygen shock treatment involves placing our commercial UV ozone generators throughout an uninhabited home or building and depending on the type of contamination, leaving the generators to operate for 4 to 8 hours. This provides ample time for the pure ozone to oxidize the contaminates and odors in the indoor environment and leave the space odor and bacteria free. The process works wonders on all odors (smoke, pet, cooking and chemicals) as well as allergens, bacteria and viruses like the recent Staph-MRSA bacteria outbreaks. We have successfully removed severe skunk odors from homes and clothing….a true test, if you have ever encountered skunk odor.


  It lasts as long as you don’t reintroduce the problem. Our inspection service identifies the problem. Once the source is removed or repaired and the treatment is complete, the problem is solved. In the case of smoke or pet odors, if you start smoking again in the home or bring the pets back in or have another leak/water intrusion, the problem will reoccur and another treatment will be required. It becomes a case of your personal lifestyle, but you can be assured, once our treatment is complete, the indoor environment is a healthy place to live. Everyone deserves to live in a Healthy Home 


 The price depends on the size of the dwelling and type of contamination. Residential homes range from $299 for apartments to $495 for homes up to 2,000 sq. ft.  Vehicles, RV’s and boats range from $99 to $349, again, depending on size. Inspection services start at $75 (visual) and if sampling is required, those prices range from $199-$599 depending on lab costs, quantity and type of samples required. UV-Germicidal in-duct systems installed start at $495. Commercial jobs generally run around $.35 per sq. ft. Quotes available on request.

MOLD Remediation & Testing

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning:  Medallion uses State of the Art Coldjet dry-ice blasting equipment with rice grain sized carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets propelled at supersonic speeds toward mold contaminated surfaces. There is no secondary waste stream (e.g. water, soda ash, etc) left after the process. Only the removed debris remains, and is HEPA vacuumed to leave a very clean surface. The dry-ice is minus 109 degree's Fahrenheit, and provides a "thermal shock" killing factor by it's self. The blasting process replaces the older methods of scraping, sanding, wire brushing contaminated surfaces that did not allow cleaning around nail protrusions and reaching into tight places, such as corners and inaccessible areas. The blasting process is much faster, saving labor cost and time of project length. In most cases, the wood stud or floor joists appear similar to new construction after the cleaning process.
The exceptional clean surfaces allow the penetrating anti-microbial solutions better access to the contaminated areas, resulting in a better elimination of the mold & bacteria. Once the contaminated surfaces are cleaned, an anti-microbial advanced cleaning solution is applied by airless sprayer. A second application of a penetrating anti-microbial barrier is then applied to limit future regrowth of the contaminates. The microscopic shield prevents mold and bacteria from reaching the food source, which is necessary for it to carry on life sustaining processes.


We provide continuous Radon monitoring services to verify the current Radon levels in your interior living space. We use the latest state-of-the-art equipment proviced by Sun Nuclear. The results are immediately available on-site at the conclusion of the test period. The detailed report includes a plotted graph indicating the time and level of Radon detected every 1/2 hour over a 48 hour test period. The equipment has internal Humidity, Temperature, and movement sensors to detect possible disturbance and tampering during the testing process.