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       Medallion Healthy Homes of Kansas

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       Affordable Solutions For 
    MOLD  *  ODORS  *  RADON


Indoor Air Quality Testing

  Certified with Kansas Dept of Health & Environment (KDHE) Radon Program
Air Purification
Treatments, HVAC UV lights

Certified Mold Inspections

Odor Removal
(Pet, Smoking, Cooking, etc)

MOLD Testing &

Our Inspectors are Nationally Certified by the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC)


We use Remedia Hydrogen Peroxide based Mold Cleaning Products

Foams out contaminaton from porous surfaces

A green product   ...reverts to water and oxygen when completed

Dry-Ice Blast

Less clean-up
Time saving











Medallion Healthy Homes of Kansas offers mold and Radon Gas testing services in Kansas City metro and surrounding counties. The company uses a method called dry ice blast cleaning to remove mold from surfaces and hard-to-reach spaces; this method creates an exceptionally clean, mold-free service and is quick, simple, and non-toxic.
The Mayo Clinic cites mold as the cause of the chronic sinus infections that inflict 37 million Americans each year to mold. Mold is also linked to asthma. Medallion Healthy Homes can help you avoid these health problems and destroy any odors, allergens, and other toxic contaminants in your home.
They also conduct free visual inspections. Trained to follow industry standards and guidelines, Medallion Healthy Homes technicians visit your home and take samples, which are then sent to a laboratory specializing in the analysis of mold, bacteria, allergens, and chemicals.
Feel free to contact them at 913-620-1779 if you have any questions regarding mold or radon testing.  You can also watch the company’s videos on mold facts and a sample mold cleaning on YouTube